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Open Call for Roma Filmmakers


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Members of the International Romani Film Commission (IRFC) at a panel discussion at Cinema Total 5

Open Call for Roma Filmmakers

The International Romani Film Commission (IRFC) is looking for Roma (Sinti, Tziganes, Menouche, Traveller etc.) Filmmakers all around the world for widening its network and offers them to be part of an alliance that will represent the interests and the special needs of Roma filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, etc.
The IRFC wants to make it possible for more Roma Filmmakers to realize their projects and to generate more recognition of Roma film professionals in their states, in Europe and around the world. As part of our network, you will get in contact with other Roma Filmmakers and on the other hand receive information about the activities, projects and aims of IRFC – a newly founded body consisting of professionals - which is working towards the creation of institutions that will be able to serve the transnational Roma film professional community as far as film funding, professional information, project development, networking, production support, distribution, education, festival activities, political representation and lobbying is concerned.
Therefore, in a first step, the IRFC gathers information about filmmakers which fulfill the following requirements:

-    You are working in the film and television or educational business as a director, producer, editor, teacher, festival organiser, distributor, writer, sales     agent, representant of a film fund, etc.
-    You have already finished several projects in your area
-    You are Roma and/or strongly engaged in Roma issues 

Please send us a short CV (name, address, Email, profession) and information about your work (working field, films, projects, etc.) eventually with work samples (DVDs, links etc.) to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! .

Further information about IRFC:

The International Romani Film Commission (hereinafter "The Commission") was created in February 2012 in Berlin.
Contact via Facebook-Profile.

Declaration of February 15, 2012

The tasks of IRFC will be:

•To identify Romani film professionals and facilitate alliances between them;
•To advise, promote, advocate for and empower Romani filmmakers in all aspects of film and audiovisual production;
•To establish a Fund of The Commission to support the production of films by Romani filmmakers;
•To lobby for better recognition of Romani filmmakers in national and international film commissions and film industry forums;
•To set up an International Association of Romani Filmmakers (IARF).

Background to the Platform for the creation of a Romani Film Commission
A group of independent Romani filmmakers from five different countries and their fellows have united to create a platform for the representation of the common interests of Romani filmmakers worldwide after meeting in the context of the Berlinale 2012.
We have decided to create the International Romani Film Commission based on the following common concerns:
While films are among the most useful tools for promoting understanding and debate between majority and minority cultures, unfortunately, when it comes to the representation of Roma, they still reproduce centuries-old prejudices via a static conception of culture.
Romani filmmakers are in a unique position to revolutionize perceptions of Roma around the world but face many difficulties beyond those encountered by most independent filmmakers. Romani film professionals are overwhelmingly under-represented in the film industry. We need Romani people to be present and represented in all aspects of film making, from pre-production to distribution and beyond, in front of and behind the camera.
Due to centuries of exclusion and forced assimilation, the Roma have never had the opportunity to show their real face, to communicate an understandable message about themselves.
In these circumstances, Romani filmmakers in particular are called upon to examine the influence of their work and to mould their effects in positive and constructive ways, especially in terms of how we deal with cultural, ethnic, sexual, religious and other forms of diversity. This is crucial in confronting racism, xenophobia and nationalist extremism.
We are a new generation of artists who are already at work. We seek a new interpretation of our world, one that is created by Romani artists themselves. The envisioned alternative representation highlights our strengths; our capacity for fusion; our sense of glamour, humor and irony; our adaptability, mobility and trans-nationalism.
The old representation of Roma-Gypsies is dead, the new and real one is now born.


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